End-of-Life Choices:
How to Ensure Yours Will be Honored

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Alternative Approach to Resolving Conflicts
Mediation is a process where people in conflict agree to have a trained third-party neutral help them resolve their differences, without resort to judges and courts
and with a solution
that is their own.

Mediation is a helpful tool that can be used at a
time of extreme stress
and emotional trauma.
It is highly successful at resolving these kinds
of issues.

Whether you need a
group presentation, individual consulting, or conflict mediation,
Anita Rufus, J.D. is an experienced professional, past-President of Americans for Death With Dignity, a Credentialed Mediator, and a champion of individual rights with over 20 years of practical experience in this field.
“Constitutional rights that cannot effectively be exercised might as well not exist.”

In light of the Terry Schiavo case in Florida, millions have rushed to complete advance directives to ensure their end-of-life choices will be honored. But Living Wills and Powers of Attorney for Health Care designating a surrogate may not be enough.

This book traces the current state of the law, the Patient Self-Determination Act passed by Congress but never fully implemented, and why written documentation of one’s end-of-life choices may not be enough to guarantee one’s wishes are followed.

It also gives helpful information on what precautions should be taken. The book is well-documented, with academic citings, but is written in easy-to-understand language for the average reader.


Anita Rufus is a long-time constitutional rights activist and past-President of Americans for Death With Dignity. She holds a J.D. degree, is a Credentialed Mediator, has an extensive media and non-profit background, and is a former business executive. She writes and speaks on this issue to various civic and professional groups. 

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